Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom

If you’re looking to spruce up your classroom, you’ll fall in love with these classroom bulletin board ideas. Many of these bulletin board displays focus on your students, making their work part of the display.

These bulletin board ideas would be great as a “welcome back” project, or to display at the beginning of the school year, or any time you just want a pretty display .

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first. We are off the bulletin board of this world

This is a great idea that the whole class can do together.

Take photos of your students or ask them to bring their own photos. Give the kids paper plates and ask them to create a UFO (either by carefully cutting off the edge along one half of the plate or by cutting the paper plate in half and gluing a paper circle onto the plate).

Let the kids draw and decorate their UFOs and stick their photos inside them. Decorate the board with yellow, gold stars and a sign that reads “We are out of this world.”

2. Raise your hand!

This is one of our favorite ways to display a bulletin board – let the kids draw the frame. Also, ask them to hand-stamp the construction paper.

Cut out their photos and handprints and paste them onto painted frames. Beyond sweet!

3. The idea of ​​a hand-in-hand bulletin board

Here’s another bulletin board idea where the whole class can participate. Ask your student to draw around his or her hand to create an outline (preferably using white construction paper). Let them color the outlines of their hands, as colorfully as they desire (markers are great for this, but any technique will do).

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Cut out the hand outlines and add them to the bulletin board along with a motivational quote.

4. Blowing Kisses Craft bulletin board

Create a warm and whimsical atmosphere in your classroom with a bulletin board decorated with children’s air kisses (hearts). It’s a great idea where the whole class can get involved in creating a board that fosters a love of learning.

5. Self-portrait bulletin board

This artistic performance celebrates students’ diverse identities and invites them to explore their artistic talents. It’s a perfect thing to do at the beginning of the school year, especially in Year 1 when many children meet each other for the first time.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to prepare for these two-faced portraits.

6. Learning gives you wings to fly

Another fun game that gets the whole class involved. Take a photo of your student standing with their arms extended above their head (forming a V). Print out their photo and cut out the border. Let each child color the wings of the butterfly outline (you can print them out or, for older kids, let them draw their own) and glue the wings onto their cutout.

7. We are a Bright Bunch bulletin board concept

One of the easiest bulletin boards to make for your classroom is the “We Are a Smart Group” sign. Just type the letters in your favorite font, print them out, and cut them. Alternatively, cut out the yellow beginning (light bulbs work too) and add photos of the kids or write down the names of the kids in your classroom.

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8. Constantly evolving

Displaying bulletin boards is all about entertainment and sending out inspirational messages. Like this never stop developing ideas.

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9. Believe in yourself

Bulletin boards are also home to clever puns, such as the Beelieve in Yourself themed bulletin board.

It’s also pretty easy to make! Cut hexagons from yellow and orange paper, distribute them to the children and ask them to write something positive about themselves, something they are good at, anything really.

ten. To Succeed You Must Try

This game plays on the word triangle, making it even more fun as a bulletin board.

11. Pacman bulletin board

This Pac-man inspired bulletin board is very popular with children.

twelfth. Learning is SEW very fun

You can make buttons out of paper plates to give them some dimension.

13. Who’s ready to learn bulletin board ideas?

This is an idea that kids will love. Make owls out of paper bags and stuff them with cheap children’s gifts – small notebooks, erasers… Nothing too fancy, heavy and nothing that can be damaged. Write your student’s name on the bag. When it’s time to take down this bulletin board, ask each student to grab the owl bag with their name on it and watch their excitement as they open it.

14. Fingerprint tree

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