Hands Holding a Heart Mothers day Card

This Mother’s Day card with hands holding a heart is one of the simplest and cutest ideas kids can make!

There are quite a few ways you can adapt this project, making it simpler for preschoolers and toddlers or creating a 3D pop-up heart for preschoolers and older kids.

Hand Holding Heart Mother's Day Card Paper Craft for Kids

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Mother’s Day is a very special day and there are lots of lovely Mother’s Day crafts or cards that your child can make (at school or at home) that will be treasured for years to come.

This adorable card idea is one of them, not only beautiful but also gives a “memorable” feeling as it captures your child’s little hands.

Hands Holding Hearts Mother's Day Card

How to Make a Mother’s Day Card with Hands Holding a Heart

What you need

  • cardstock paper for the card base (we love Astrobrights paper, (affiliate link) their Stardust White is perfect for the card base)
  • colored cardboard or printer paper
  • drag
  • glue
  • pencil

Options: foam letters, alphabet stickers…

Alternative: paint for fingerprints

Follow the step-by-step instructions

Choose a paper color. Whatever color your child chooses is the right choice.

Start by drawing a hand and part of an arm on colored paper or dip your hand in paint and make a handprint on the paper. For the handprint, you will also need to draw part of an arm.

Cut along the hand/hand and arm trace drawn.

Prepare your cards. You can buy large blank cards in the store, but we like to make our own (more economical and just as beautiful) from cardboard. The size depends on the size of your hand, each card page should have enough room to fit one hand.

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Glue the hands together, arranging them in a V shape. Cut off the “extra” paper from the hands if necessary.

Onto the hearts! We have a heart template you can use, with hearts of different sizes – but it’s easy to make hearts even without one. Just fold the paper and write the number 2 – then cut along the curve. Make a few hearts, trying to get them all the same size (using the first heart as a template).

Fold the heart in half, glue it to the other heart. You can make 2 or 10 (or more).

Once you are happy with your hearts – glue them onto the card, above the hands (in the middle).

Close the card and decorate the front. Foam stickers work great but let your imagination guide you.

Mother's Day Card Ideas Hand Holding Heart

Hand Holding Heart For Mother's Day Handmade Cards For Kids

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