Horse Coloring Pages

Printable horse coloring pages

Have you ever been to a farm to see these dazzling animals? If not, here’s an opportunity to print them out and color them in different environments and poses. We have a large set of printable horse coloring pages waiting for your kids or students to color.

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After coloring these pages, kids can learn How to Draw a Horse on their own by following our instructions. And if they want to color in more, we also have a huge set of Unicorn Coloring Pages.

Free printable horse coloring pages

All horses love to run free, so we’re giving you ten free horse coloring pages for you to enjoy. To get the full set we invite you to become our member and get access to the entire collection of 30 horse coloring sheets and all other exclusive content.

We hope your child will enjoy it all.

Sitting Horse

Pony coloring page

Start by coloring this cute pony sitting on the rug. Grab your best color supplies and color the entire page.

Proud horse

Horse coloring sheet

The stallions look amazing with their beautiful manes and posture. Color it brown, gray or any color you want.

Beautiful horse coloring page

beautiful mane

This is a perfect horse coloring page for kids who love colored pencils. This adorable little girl is fun and easy to color, and we bet your students will love it.

Enjoy the day

Happy horse

We love the way his mane and tail blow in the wind. Color the entire pony coloring sheet and don’t forget to add some color to the sky – you can make it blue, pink or yellow.

Running wild

Run on a road

Run like a horse, grab those coloring supplies and color this wild stallion running down the road—a perfect coloring page for kids who love farm animals.

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horse beauty

Among Flowers

Want to test your detailed coloring skills? This is a beautiful horse decorated with flowers.

Horses have flowers

Horses have flowers

This horse is taking a nap among the flowers. We bet it will look beautiful after you color the flowers and the horse’s gorgeous mane.

Sunny day


Maybe this horse is lost or simply enjoying a day off at the farm. Coloring the background will make this guy stand out even more. Let’s color!

Sleepy horse coloring page

Horse at night coloring page

Horses also like to sleep and this breed is ready to have pleasant dreams after a long day of running and jumping. Get your favorite color and do the magic.

long mane

Horses have long manes

Some horses can have such long and beautiful manes and tails. This is a great example of a stunning stallion to color. Make the horse’s coat shiny and color the background of the frame.

Member’s horse coloring page

If you’re ready for a real coloring adventure, we’ve prepared a set of horse coloring pages exclusively for our members.

See a preview of the rest of the horse coloring sheets below and become a member to access all 30 horse coloring pages in our library.

Ready? Grab your pencils, markers, crayons or other items and have fun coloring these awesome farm animals.

In the forest

Enjoy farm life

This horse knows how to enjoy life. He stands on his hind legs, jumps and runs around the forest. Color the horse and forest with your favorite colors.


Cute horse coloring page

Ponies are so adorable, we can’t get enough of them. This pony coloring page is perfect for all children who love these cute animals.

Horses are confident

Walk proudly

This stallion’s posture makes us stand up straight, grab a pen and color in this beautiful coloring page. Grab yours and enjoy.

Get ready for the hike

Ready for adventure

Your horse is saddled and ready for a crayon adventure. This coloring page would be great after visiting or talking about farms and farm animals.

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Cute little pony

Cute little pony coloring sheet

Who doesn’t love ponies and ponies? We do, so grab your favorite colored pencils and color this in any color you like.

Horses gallop

Run in nature

Horses love to gallop, jump and run freely. We know that this game will make your child enjoy coloring it—coloring horses, trees, birds, sky, and grass.

Unicorn and flowers coloring page

Unicorn color palette

Unicorns are one of the sweetest creatures. We can’t tell you how much we love them, and we bet your kids will too. This coloring sheet is perfect for older kids who love coloring details.

Let’s have fun

Horse and foal

This is a beautiful sight – a mare with her foal. Give this page some color – you can use markers, crayons, colored pencils, or any other coloring materials you have on hand.

Moon travel

Hold the moon tight

Some ponies like to daydream, and this goes quite far – all the way to the crescent moon: color the moon, ponies, stars and hearts with your best colors.

Spotted Horse

Horses have spots

You can see many different breeds of horses on farms and ranches. We love this spotted pony and we think it would look great paired with any color you choose.

On the hind legs

Raising horses

Hop like a horse on its hind legs and get ready to color this coloring sheet. You can print it out after talking about farm animals or simply any time of year for children to color.

Horse sleeps

Animals are sleepy

The ponies have to take a nap here and there, and this one fell asleep among the flowers. You can make his mane and tail in rainbow colors. Don’t forget to color the word “horse”.

Wavy mane and tail

Beautiful horse coloring page

Have you ever seen a horse with heart-shaped spots on its coat? We think this page is adorable and we are sure kids will love coloring it.

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On the Bridge Bridge

On the horse trail

Horses need to take care of their hooves, so they love to walk on beautiful bridle paths just for them—color the entire page, including the trees, sun, and clouds.

Enjoy freedom

horse run

Have you ever been to a farm and seen how the horses run? This horse coloring game will be perfect for young children who are learning about these majestic animals.

Raising horses

Showing off

Here’s another holding horse waiting for your child’s crayons or markers to work their magic. We believe it will look great in any color your child chooses.

Jumping on the meadow

Jumping on the meadow

Have children color another prancing horse enjoying the outdoors. Grab those coloring tools and color the meadow, horse and background with vibrant colors.

beautiful horse

Horse coloring sheet

Horses have beautiful manes. This one has a cute bow attached and is fun to get some vibrant colors. Color each part of the mane with different colored pencils and make it stand out.

Horse coloring page

Stallion coloring page

This horse is ready to jump and run, and we can’t wait to see what he looks like after being colored. This is a perfect coloring page for younger students who need a large area to color.

Explore the forest

In the forest

We’re glad you’ll color this excited horse running through the woods. Make his fur, mane and tail stand out, and don’t forget to color the trees and paths.

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