How to Make a Paper Mache Fish

Are you ready to learn how to make paper mache fish? This project is a great summer craft for kids of all ages because you can adjust the difficulty as you go.

Our step-by-step instructions will show you how to build a fish body using a balloon as a base and adding all the necessary parts.

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They can also be inspired when creating the fins and tails of fish.

Make your own handmade fish paper

We love the paper mache technique – it turns simple materials into beautiful works of art. And it’s economical!

You can bring your colorful fish to life with just a few basic supplies and a little creativity.

Paper Fish Mache Craft

Ready? Let’s start!

How to make paper fish

What you need:

  • paper mache glue (we have the best paper mache glue recipe)
  • big bubble
  • duct tape (masking tape, masking tape, duct tape – anything)
  • cardboard or cardboard
  • old newspapers or magazines
  • handmade foam balls
  • drag
  • pencil
  • paint and brush
  • knife
  • artificial eyelashes (optional)
  • black marker (optional)
  • thread or piece of string

Step-by-step instructions

The first thing to do is make paper mache glue if you don’t use store-bought glue (homemade glue is easy to make, don’t waste money on store-bought glue).

Step 1


Blow up a giant balloon to the desired size for the fish’s body and seal the mouth of the balloon with tape.

Step 4

Fins and tail

Draw the fins and tail on paper, then trace the parts onto cardboard.

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Step 2

Cut off pieces that have marks.

You should have a dorsal fin, pelvic fins, two pectoral fins and a tail.

Step 3

Create a fish shape by attaching the cardboard tail with tape.

We glue the tail to the lip of the balloon.

Step 5

Use additional cardboard cutouts as fins.

Secure them in place with duct tape.

Make sure the ball is securely attached to the cardboard tail and wings.

Step 6


Use a knife to cut the craft foam ball in half.

Step 7

Place the two halves of the fish on the front of the fish between the pectoral fins using tape.

Step 8

The mouth

Cut a piece of cardboard and create a ring.

Seal it with duct tape.

Step 9

Use tape to position the mouth a little lower and in the middle of the eyes.

Step 10

We are ready to apply the first layer of paper mache.

Tear old newspaper or magazines into strips or small pieces and start sticking them all over the fish.

Step 10-1

Repeat the process by applying the strips to the surface of the fish’s body, lightly overlapping them to form a smooth layer.

Let the fish dry completely.

It may take several hours or overnight, depending on the thickness of the layer and the humidity in the air.

Step 11

We can start drawing the fish once the paper mache is completely dry.

Choose any color your child desires.

Step 12

We wanted to create beautiful eyes for our fish so we first painted them white.

Step 13

Use a smooth brush to add eye details, such as the pupils and irises.

Outline the eyes and mouth with black paint to highlight them.

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We paint the inside of the mouth red.

Step 14


Use a pencil to mark the details of the fish’s scales, fins and tail.

Paint the scales with different shades of blue.

Step 15

Paint the fins and tail the same way.

Step 16


Apply artificial eyelashes to make your eyes cute.

Step 16-0

You have successfully colored your paper mache fish.

Step 16-1


It’s time to create borders to make the fish neat!

Outline all proportions with black paint.

Step 17

You can use a black marker to make sketching the proportions easier.

We’ve also outlined the fins and tail!

Step 17-1


Make a hole at the tip of the dorsal fin and thread a piece of yarn or wire through it.

Step 18

You’re done!

Step 19

We love how our papier-mâché fish turned out!

Paper making fish craft

You can proudly display or use your fish as a decoration in your home or classroom.

Fish paper machine

Make as many as you want with various shapes and colors!

How to make paper mache fish ideas

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