Lighthouse Art for Kids

This lighthouse craft for kids is the perfect mix of arts and crafts for kids to do. It combines painting and crafting with paper pieces so it is a project that will give kids the confidence to be artistic (and kids at heart too). Kids will love making it because it is a 3D art project so it is fun to display too!

You can use toilet paper rolls, kitchen paper rolls, or even regular paper for this project.

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If you’re looking for an easy art idea for kids this summer (this one is perfect for summer camp), add this lighthouse art for kids to your list of summer crafts to do.

This is a perfect project for young children as it is not a difficult painting project, very suitable for beginners.

We made the lighthouse out of toilet paper rolls, but it could also be painted. However, the rolls give this project something special because the lighthouse will stand out from the painting.

Using a roll of paper instead of drawing a lighthouse is also convenient if you have a child who isn’t confident in their drawing abilities (which happens), so a project like this can encourage them to slowly express their creativity with their own drawings.

Lighthouse Canvas Art for Kids

How to draw a lighthouse for kids

What you need:

  • Oil paint
  • rolls of paper
  • paint the sky blue
  • blue paint for sea/ocean
  • White paint
  • Red paint
  • black marker
  • yellow paper or yellow paint
  • paint brushes
  • easel
  • white school glue
  • pencil (optional)

Step by step instructions

You can “freehand” the painting or use a pencil to lightly sketch the contours onto the canvas.

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Draw a curved shape on one side of the canvas (to mark the island) and a straight line from one side of the canvas to the other to serve as the horizon.

Paint on fabric.

We started by drawing the sky. Next we drew the sea.

Finally we painted the island and added some waves.

Take a roll of toilet paper and cut it in half as shown in the illustration.

Leave half as is.

Cut the remaining half in half as shown in the illustration.

Trim the sides a little as shown in the illustration.

Paint the larger half of the roll.

Paint the strips red and white. Set aside and let dry.

Paint the smaller one white.

Set aside and let dry. Once dry, draw in details like windows with a black marker.

If working with older children, pour white glue onto a paper plate and have the children dip the paper roll into it so that the glue sticks to the edge of the plate.

If a child is making this craft, if fine motor skills allow, have them apply glue to the roll of paper (this will save glue).

Stick the paper roll onto the fabric.

Repeat with the smaller roll of paper. Glue it on top of the larger roll.

Cut a “light beam” out of yellow cardstock and glue it to the fabric.

Alternatively, you can also paint it.

Done! Your Lighthouse Art for Kids artwork is ready to display.

Lighthouse Canvas Art for Kids. Perfect summer arts and crafts idea for kids. Easy painting for beginners.

Lighthouse Art for Kids

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