Mothers Day Handprint Art Flowers

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to share with you this beautiful Mother’s Day Handprint Flower idea. It’s the cutest (and most precious) gift a child will ever make.

It can be made from one child’s handprint, or if you are doing it at home, from the handprints of all siblings or all family members.

Mother's Day Handprint Art Handmade Flowers for Kids

This handprint art bouquet is also perfect for a classroom project, for kids to make a card or Mother’s Day gift (as this can be a card – using just one handprint or as a wall display using more handprints).

It’s also perfect to use as a kids gift for other holidays. We don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t love a cute and thoughtful kids gift like this. And since it’s mostly flat, it can also be framed and used as a wall display.

Mother's Day Handprint Art Flowers

How to make handprint flower art for Mother’s Day

What you need:

  • washable non-toxic paint for younger children or craft paint for older children (choice of flower color)
  • blue paint
  • paint & brushes
  • White paper (2x)
  • drag
  • glue
  • ribbon (optional)

Watch video tutorial

Or follow the step by step instructions

Choose your favorite color. Ask your child to color the hand with a paintbrush or dip their palm in the paint.

Have the child press his hand down on the white paper (quite hard) and then quickly lift his hand to make a handprint.

Print one, two, three, four or more handprints in one or more colors.

Let the paint dry. When dry, cut along the handprint.

Paste your handprint onto a piece of paper or canvas.

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Draw the flower stem with green paint (or marker).

Decorate with a bow and write a Mother’s Day greeting.

Mother's Day Handprint Art Bouquet

The project was contributed by Jess R.

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