Movable Easter Bunny Paper Doll

Shake those little ears with our awesome mobile Easter bunny paper doll. Print out the bunny template, color, assemble and play!

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This cute bunny doll pairs with our moving Easter chick doll and makes quite a pair!

As you assemble this paper doll, the bunny will wiggle its ears as you pull the string up and down.

This template is designed so that it is easy for kids to color and cut out so it is suitable for younger children too!

Easter Bunny Doll Craft Mobile

Easter Bunny Puppet Craft

How to make a moving Easter bunny paper doll with our template

What you need

  • our printable bunny template (you can get it at the end of the step by step tutorial)
  • Cardboard (printer friendly) – you can also use regular printer paper and laminate
  • coloring supplies (markers, crayons, ink, watercolors – whatever your child likes best)
  • drag
  • skewer or similar tool for making holes
  • yarn (or similar)
  • brads – larger size for younger children
  • Glue and craft sticks optional
  • plastic needle (optional)

Watch Video Tutorial

See step by step instructions

Print our template on cardstock or thicker printer paper. You can also use regular paper but you will need to laminate your bunny later.

Color the bunny. There are many colors you can use, we chose a gray bunny with pink details.

Easter pastel colors would be perfect for this. If you were doing this craft as a school project in the classroom, we can imagine what a wonderful “rainbow” of colors it would look like with all the bunnies colored in their own unique way.

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Before cutting out the bunny, punch out the holes (mark two holes on the bunny’s body and two holes on each ear).

We use a skewer, kids can use a plastic needle or have an adult do this part for them.

Cut out the body and ears of the rabbit.

Assemble doll

Next, you need to thread the thread through the outer hole of your ear.

You can make the “needle” out of cardboard or use a kid-friendly plastic needle.

Take a pin and push it through the hole in the bunny’s body, it should go through the back of the design.

Place the bunny ears on top of the bunny body, push the stud through the inside hole on the ear. Spread the stud out.

You can rotate the ear a few times and shake it slightly to make it looser.

Repeat with the other ear on the other side.

Glue a craft stick to the back of the bunny’s body.

Craft sticks will make great handles for your bunny paper dolls and will also provide more stability for your doll.

Tie the string tightly (it’s best to leave the ear hanging down when you tie the knot).

Done! Now pull the string up and down to make the bunny ears wiggle.

Cute Easter Bunny Doll Crafts

Easter Bunny Puppet Crafts for Kids

Get the Mobile Easter Bunny Paper Doll

Rabbit doll model

Happy crafting!

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