Paper Roll Handprint Flowers – Mother’s Day Craft Idea

Combining toilet paper rolls with handprint art, we have these fun paper roll handprint flowers to share with you.

These are quite easy to make so can be done with preschoolers or with the help of a preschooler.

Toilet paper rolls with handprints Handmade flowers for children

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This fun project makes a great Mother’s Day craft and can easily be done in the classroom – if you don’t like using toilet paper rolls, you can always swap them out for toilet paper rolls, have the kids make their own rolls, or even buy rolls from craft stores.

Handmade floral handprint rolling paper

How to make paper scroll handprint flowers

What you need:

  • green and floral construction paper
  • toilet paper roll
  • blue paint
  • drag
  • glue
  • paint brush
  • pencil to trace

Step by step guide

Step 1

Paint the toilet paper roll green.

Let the paint dry.

Step 2

Cut two slits in the toilet paper roll.

One overlaps the other.

Cut a quarter or fifth of a toilet paper roll.

Step 3

Place your hand on the construction paper and use a pencil (or marker/other colored pen…) to draw around it.

Step 4

Cut out the outline of the hand.

Step 5

Push the fingerprint into the slots on the toilet paper roll.

Step 6

Cut two leaf shapes from green cardstock.

Step 7

Glue leaves to the bottom of the toilet paper roll.

Done! You have finished making the Handprint Flower from the scroll.

Flower Handprint Toilet Paper Roll

Are they beautiful?

Flower handprint paper roll

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