Paper Rosette Chick – Easy Easter Paper Craft

If you’re looking for an easy paper craft to make for Easter with kids, try making this paper rosette chick.

These are a great classroom craft project because they make the most fun Easter display ever (and you can even combine them with bunnies and lambs).

Paper Rose Chicken Craft for Kids

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This easy Easter craft idea for kids is a great project for kids to practice their fine motor skills.

This is really easy but requires patience and basic folding skills (and a little precision). There are lots of different characters you can make in your Easter crafting session (we’ll show you how to make a few more) – like a bunny, a lamb, a adult chickens and you can even try an Easter egg.

Craft paper chicken roses

How to make paper rosette crafts for chicks

What you need:

  • a yellow piece of paper
  • orange paper
  • White paper
  • black marker pen
  • glue
  • drag
  • wool

Step by step guide

Fold the yellow paper in half.

Cut along the fold to get two identical rectangles.

Start with a sheet of paper. Fold the paper in half.

Bring one edge to the middle – (fold).

Do the same with the other one.

Repeat – bring edge to center.

And one more time.

Repeat with the other side.

Open up. You’ve created some nice, evenly spaced folds.

Fold along the length of the paper – valley fold / mountain fold (accordion fold).

Repeat with another sheet of paper.

Apply glue to the last fold of one of the sheets and glue the two sheets together.

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Fold together (push together) and tie a strand of yarn in the middle.


And glued together.

You will see a circle/paper rose.

Cut out the beak and legs from orange paper and two eyes (draw details with a black felt-tip pen).

Glue them onto yellow paper roses.

Rose paper chicken

And that’s it, your Paper Rosette Chick craft is done.

Paper Rosette Chick Craft for Kids

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