Printable Witch Coloring Pages – 30 Sheets

Join the Halloween festivities with our printable witch coloring pages! From flying through the sky on a broom to casting spells, our collection is created to spark children’s creativity and guide them on a magical journey with every page.

Most of our witches are friendly in appearance although some scary witches have also found their way into this film.

Printable witch coloring pages

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Printable witch coloring pages

Our Halloween Witch Set includes 30 printable witch coloring pages, perfect for kids of all ages, for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and older kids.

When they complete all the witches in this set, they can color the entire Halloween coloring paper collection and even learn how to draw a witch on a broomstick with our step-by-step tutorial.

Free printable witch coloring pages

Check out our 10 Free Printable Witch Coloring Sheets and print them out by clicking the button below each preview.

Beautiful witch

Lovely witch color palette

Start by having your kids color a beautiful witch wearing a big hat, holding a Jack’O’Lantern in her hand and getting ready to trick or treat!

Sparkling magic and spells

Mix medicine

Our cute Halloween character definitely knows how to mix potions.

Witch house

Cute witch on Halloween

Let children explore a magical house and garden, where a wise witch cares for her special pumpkins, nurturing them with care and kindness.

Flying broom adventure

Fly on a broom

Our friend is carelessly zooming through the sky on his trusty broom. We’re sure she’s leaving a trail of sparkling, magical stardust behind.

Among the stars

Flying witch coloring page

Want to let your kids color a witch on a starry night? Her cloak fluttered as she rose in the wind! This is their chance!

Friendly witch character

Halloween witch and broom

This playful character holds her broom tightly – we think she’ll soon be flying into the magical skies!

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Magic potion

Magic potion is created

We love witches and wizards, and we also love all good potions! Kids can use bright or pastel colors to make the witch stand out against the background!



You want to do magic? Join this adorable Halloween character and let kids fill the page with bright colors!

Witch spelling practice coloring sheet

Witch spelling practice coloring page

We have a happy witch here who is well versed in spells and spelling different words! Kids can color her hat purple and her face green or choose any other color they see fit!

Seductive witch

Witch coloring page with pumpkin

Our Halloween friend made a cute Jack’O’Lantern for romping around the neighborhood! This coloring page will look amazing once the kids add their artistic touches!

Member witch coloring pages

Check out the rest of the preview of what awaits you in 30 witch coloring pages!

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Happy witch

Witches wear rings

Young artists will love coloring the charming scene of a smiling witch!

Hold a wooden spoon

Cute witch and wooden spoon

What a big wooden spoon! With such a large spoon, our wizard friend can stir a large cauldron! Kids can make her dress as colorful as they want – they can even add some of their own patterns.

Witch Cartoon

The witch winked

What does this witch hide in her tiny bag? We don’t know, but our imagination tells us it’s special and unique!

Wear a hood

Easy witch coloring pages

Did you know witches can be very stylish? Our witchy friend is showing off her magical style, holding a charming purse with the words “spell” on it.

Fun moments with Bats

Halloween coloring page

This coloring page would be great using vibrant color supplies! The beautiful girl enjoys time with her friends, making bats swoop and spin in the air.

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Pumpkins and witches

Hold a pumpkin

Meet our cute witch, who holds a giant pumpkin, ready to create something magical. Have kids color the cloud background and sparkling stars to make her stand out!

Wicked witch coloring page

Old witch coloring page

Do you need a more detailed witch coloring page? Let’s visit the mystical library where a wise old wizard shares his knowledge! Our minds are very curious!


Witch and a candle

The flickering light of a candle creates magical spells that ignite the imagination – a perfect coloring page for young children.

Wicked witch color palette

The old witch made potions

If you need a more detailed Halloween scene for your kids to color, we have an elderly witch conducting magical experiments. She is good at mixing ingredients to discover new spells and spark captivating discoveries.

In a pot

Medicine making machine

With a wave of her wand, this young witch cast spells that lit up the sky with a shower of colorful bubbles. Let your kids make the page as bright as they want!

Happy witch coloring page

Witch among the pumpkins coloring page

How many neat Halloween pumpkins does she have in her garden? This witch coloring game is perfect for kids who love to color in the details!

Witch and cat

Witch and cat coloring sheet

Witch’s best animal friend is definitely a cat – and these two animals are showing affection for each other. The coloring sheet is great for young children.

Witch on a broom

Witch coloring page-page-023

A beautiful young witch makes a magical journey through the night sky on her broom with her feline friend, barely able to hold it together.

Fly in the sky

Witch coloring page-page-024

Riding a broom isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially when carrying an important magic potion! Children can color the entire page, adding vibrant shades to bring the scene to life.

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Witch coloring page-page-025

You want some magic? Watch the young witch stir her bubbling cauldron!

Beautiful witch coloring page

Witch coloring page-page-026

Need another beauty to color? This lady is ready for Halloween magic, trick-or-treating, and all the holiday fun!

Magic and sorcery

Witch coloring page-page-027

Wave your magic wand, witch, and encourage young artists to use a variety of coloring materials to make the scene even more magical!

Fly on a broom

Witch coloring page-page-028

Another adventure! Our friend is mastering the winds and flying through the sky on his trusty broom. The wind blowing through her hair tells us she is very agile!

Witch coloring page

Witch coloring page-page-029

The magic of imagination is in this coloring page! Our beautifully dressed witch is holding her trusty broom and ready to fly! Let your child choose the best crayons, markers or other coloring supplies and color everything!

The old witch made potions

Witch cooking potion

Want an intricate witchy palette? Let your kids color the old lady in the cozy pharmacy to create colorful mixtures.

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