Summer Crafts

Need some rainy day activity ideas or some summer crafts for the kids to do at summer camp (or at home)? We have some of the best summer arts and crafts ideas to share with you to keep the kids entertained.

We hope you’ll add more of these to your child’s summer to-do list.

Summer Crafts for Kids. Lots of fun summer arts and crafts ideas for kids - from toddlers and preschoolers to kindergarteners and even older kids. Step-by-step instructions for fun ideas, from paper toys, easy crafts, origami...

From water play ideas to making summer paper plate crafts with your kids, we’re sure you’ll find the summer activity you need (for all ages).

Cooling by sponge sailboat

Handmade Styrofoam Sailboat for Kids

We think this is the best project you can do with your kids this summer because not only are they fun to make, but they’re also fun to play with. And since they work best in water, they’re also a great activity to cool off with.

See instructions for making these sailboats

Big Mouth Fish

Surprise Big Mouth Fish Craft

Fun and entertaining game for kids. Let them draw their own or print out a handy template from our website.

Download printable version here.

Painting with stone

It’s time to get creative and paint with rocks! The perfect summer art activity to cool off.

See how to prepare ice paint

Seashell Creation

Cute Seashell Turtle Crafts for Kids - Summer Crafts for Kids to Make

If you bring home a seashell from vacation, or you have a few seashells at home, why not recycle them into cute creations like this turtle.

See how we made our seashell turtle

Summer Agamograph for Rainy Days

Summer themed printable Agamograph templates

We’re crazy about agamographs here – they’re a great art activity if you draw them yourself. Don’t want to draw them yourself? Grab our template, print it, color it, and have fun.

See also How to Draw a Turkey

Get summer agamograph templates

Paper Plate Rainbow Fish – Easy Summer Craft for Preschoolers

Paper Plate Fish Crafts for Kids

This one is so colorful (and fun). Since this summer paper plate craft requires some fine motor skills, it’s perfect for preschoolers.

See step by step instructions for making fish using paper plates.

Origami Paper Boats – Summer Craft Must Do

How to make paper boat - Origami for kids

This is one of the most fun activities for kids to do in the summer because not only is it fun to do, but it also floats on water (for quite a while). Any type of origami is great as a craft project to do at home or in the classroom.

Learn how to make paper boats.

Origami Fish

Origami Fish Step By Step Easy - Origami for Kids

If your child is just starting out with origami, why not let them make this origami fist (which preschoolers can easily do)

Learn how to fold a simple origami fish.

Paper Octopus

Simple Paper Octopus Crafts for Kids

Sea animals are a great theme to plan your craft sessions around.

Make this 3D paper octopus

Lighthouse painting

Light House Art for Kids

Combine arts and crafts with this awesome lighthouse art idea.

See how we do it

Shark Lice Catcher

Shark Fortune Teller

If your kids haven’t learned how to do fortune telling yet, this summer is the time to learn because they’re super fun. And you can even turn them into fun little creatures.

Print our shark repellent paper toy.

Another interesting shark activity

Printable Shark Puppet Paper Craft

These fun puppets have been a huge hit in preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

Get your sample and enjoy!

Emotional Octopus

Handmade emotional octopus paper cup

This project is fun and can also be used as an educational tool to talk about emotions with children.

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See how we did it

Learn to draw

Drawing Turtle With Instructions

Summer is the best time of year to learn new skills – like learning to draw.

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Summer craft ideas for kids.

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