Sun DIY Paper Card – Fun Paper Craft for Kids

Say hello to summer with this super fun DIY Sun card. This sunny smiley face opens up to reveal a special message inside (hello sunshine seems like the perfect combination).

There are many ways you can decorate this sun craft, so let your kids use their imagination.

DIY Sun Paper Card Ideas for Kids. This DIY card is the perfect summer craft for kids, you can modify it and make it easier for preschoolers to make while preschoolers will love making the paper rings.

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If you run a summer camp or just want to do some summer-themed crafts with your kids, this is definitely a fun option. Great for fine motor skills and looks great when finished – this is the best DIY summer greeting card ever.

If you want to combine this with more sunny activities and also want to get artistic, check out this sun and moon painting. These two combined make for a great arts and crafts session that will keep the boredom away!

DIY Sun Card Making Ideas

When the card is closed, the sun will shine.

DIY Sun Handmade Paper Card

Open it to find the greeting inside.

How to make DIY sun shaped paper card

What you need

  • blue cardboard (we used -> Astrobrights craft paper affiliate link)
  • yellow cardboard
  • orange cardboard
  • black paper or black marker
  • drag
  • glue
  • round object

Step by step instructions

Start with a piece of cardstock (letter or A4 size). We used blue because it is the color of the sky or the sea, both of which are great for a summer project.

Fold the paper in half widthwise. Unfold – this is the middle of the paper.

Now fold the “bottom half” of the paper in half widthwise – so that the edge of the paper matches the middle fold from the previous step.

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Do the same with the other half. Make sure the folds are sharp and neat. You can run a craft stick over the folds.

Take a round object that is smaller in diameter than the width of the folded card. You will use this as a template to create the circle.

Once you have found the perfect size object, draw a circle around it on yellow paper.

Cut out the circle.

Fold the circle in half.

And cut it in half.

Cut thin strips of paper (our paper was as wide as your pinky finger and cut horizontally across the width of an A4 sheet of paper).

Use orange and yellow paper for added variety.

We cut those strips of paper in half because they were too long.

Tape the ends of the paper strips together to form a circle.

If working with young children, you can skip this step and just use paper strips.

Glue the paper strips into a semicircle.

Glue the half circles onto the card.

You can add a face (sunglasses look really cool in the sun) to your sun, by cutting out details from black paper or drawing them with markers.

Insert a rectangular sheet of white paper and write your message.

It’s all yours

DIY Paper Card Ideas for Kids

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