Winter Handprint Cardinal Craft

Are you looking for a fun and easy cardinal craft for your kids to make? This winter handprint cardinal craft makes a great display; it’s a snap and kids can use the most fun paintbrush to create them – their own hands. Who doesn’t love an art project that’s a little messy?

It’s a perfect winter craft idea that can easily be done at home or in the classroom with a group of older children.

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We really love a good piece of handprint art and these sweet cardinal photos are a perfect subject to make with handprints. Just press your hand and add a few details and you’ve got a great piece of children’s art.

How to make a winter Cardinal Handprint craft

What you need:

  • brown cover
  • Non-toxic paint (brown, white, red, black and yellow)

Step-by-step instructions

For the background we will need a sheet of cardboard. You can cut up a cereal box and use it as a canvas (great way to recycle them) or use a sheet of construction paper. Brown is great, blue is great, any other color will do.

Step 1

Draw tree branches – you can use watercolors, acrylic paints, markers or crayons. Whatever works for this part.

Step 2

Ask them to create a falling snow effect by painting a few white areas on the branches.

Tip: white chalk markers are great for this.

Step 3

Now, we need a volunteer hand or two! This project can also be done as a parent-child project, using both your and your child’s fingerprints.

Step 4

First, have your child paint one of their hands red. Support them, if necessary.

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Step 5

The first cardinal will stand on the branch on the right, so have them press their painted hand onto the branch with their thumb pointing up.

Step 6

The second cardinal will face the other cardinal, so ask them to paint the other side and press their hand on top of the left branch.

Step 7

The bodies of the red cardinal birds are ready. Let’s add the final details.

Step 8

Draw a small black dot for the eye. Using a marker is easiest but it can also be drawn with a paintbrush. You can also use googly eye or googly eye paste.

Step 9

Use yellow paint to paint the beak of each cardinal bird.

Step 10

Paint their feet too.

Step 11

A few small details, like little white dots in their eyes, and that’s it!

Step 12

Winter handprint cardinal crafts are ready to display on your classroom wall or on the refrigerator in your home.

Handprint Craft of Cardinals

Hope the kids will have fun making these dishes.

Winter Cardinal Handprint craft ideas

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