Build a Santa Puppet Template

Who’s ready to create their own Santa Claus puppet? Puppet making is a fun experience and this Santa puppet building activity is perfect for the holiday season, especially for younger children.

Children not only enjoy the process of making these Christmas crafts but can also have hours of imaginative play with them.

What makes this Santa puppet different is its poppy nose and curly beard! Kids can personalize these puppets with their favorite colors as the pattern is available in both black and white and pre-colored versions.

This means they can create many unique looking Santas, adding a touch of holiday magic to their creations.

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Christmas is an exciting holiday season that brings joy to people of all ages! There are lots of Christmas crafts and activities you can enjoy at home or in the classroom.

Making all kinds of Christmas puppets is one of our favorite activities (and sharing them adds to the fun). Kids love creating these and the excitement continues after they are completed.

If you’re creating these crafts in the classroom, consider printing out our Christmas coloring pages or our handy how to draw Santa instructions to have on hand for early finishers.

How to assemble the model to build a Santa Claus puppet

What you need:

  • Our printable template (comes with 5 Christmas characters)
  • drag
  • glue
  • color supplies

Step-by-step instructions

Print the sheets on colored or white paper (if you want your child to color).

We printed Santa’s body, ears and nose on beige paper.

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Step 1

Have your child cut out all the pattern pieces of the first sheet of paper.

Step 2

Color the Santa hat on the second sheet of paper – a vivid red would look great!

Step 3

Then, cut out all the details – the hat, the two eyes and a white rectangle for the beard.

Step 4

Make folds along the dashed lines.

Step 5

Make sure all the folds are sharp.

Step 6

Apply glue to the flaps in the areas that have the word glue on them.

Fold the card in half and gently press down to let the glue set.

Step 8

The puppet base is ready.

Step 9

Take the white beard rectangular piece. If you don’t want to see any lines, place it on top of another white sheet of paper.

Step 10

Cut along the rectangle so that the white paper is the same size.

Step 11

Now we have two identical pieces.

Step 12

Place the one with the dashed line on top of the drum.

Step 13

Make cuts along the dashed line.

Step 14

Let’s make the beard curly. Roll each strip of paper (you can use a pencil).

Step 16

Glue the hat onto the base.

Step 18

Next are the eyes.

Step 19

Glue the ears to each side of the face.

Step 20

Glue the beard to Santa’s face.

Step 21

Fold along the dashed lines.

Step 22

Apply glue to the flaps, bend the paper and stick it below the eyes, one end above the beard.

Step 23

All has been done!

Step 24

How do you like your Santa?

DIY Build a Santa puppet craft

We think this Santa puppet looks amazing!

DIY Santa Claus hand puppet

Get the complete set of Christmas Puppets

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