Make an Animal Farm – DIY pretend play set

Let the kids make their own toys – let them make an animal farm with the help of our animal print products and this step-by-step guide.

We love that a children’s craft can also be used as a play tool. This project will give your child hours of fun.

Create an Animal Farm - Create your own pretend play set

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We’ll show you how to make a great set of printable animal farm toys

Your kids will have lots of fun assembling this farm and taking care of the animals day and night.

The first thing you want to do is wake up the animals. You will do this by placing the sun on the farm in the morning.

Farm animal crafts for kids to make

So there’s no need to yell, shake, or stress them in any other way to wake them up.

Just put them in the sun.

Next, we want the animals to drink, then we want them to chew.

Farm animal crafts for kids to make

So we just put them around their food and water bowls.

Then we will let them play outside.

Make animal farm crafts for kids

When night falls, we want the animals to take a nap for a few hours.

Make animal farm crafts for kids

Now we put the moon on the farm and put the animals to sleep. Easy – easy, right?

Make animal farm crafts for kids

So guys, are you ready to take on this super duper project?

How to make a livestock farm

What you need:

  • sample of our livestock farm
  • drag
  • 2 equal boxes (we used tea boxes)
  • glue
  • 2 sheets of A4/Letter size color paper
  • chenille sticks or wooden sticks

Materials used

Let’s start!

Instructions step by step

Start by gluing the two boxes together.

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Step 1

Then wrap them carefully with colored paper.

Step 1-1Make fence

Let’s build fences so our animals don’t run away.

Step 2

Size will vary depending on the height and width of your box.

Step 2-1

Glue 12 equal wooden bars vertically and 4 wooden bars horizontally. You can also use paper straws.

Steps 2-2 to 2-5

Step 2-6

Farm animals

Print and cut out the creatures from our template at the end of this post.

You can use the color version or the black and white version and color the creatures in the colors of your choice.

Step 3-1

The moon and the sun

Apply some glue to the sun, moon, and backs of all the animals and attach the wooden sticks.

Step 3

Let the glue dry.

Pots for water and food

Apply some glue to the back of the food and water jars and arrange them inside the farm.

Step 4

Now place each animal in front of its food pot.

Remember – if the sun is up, the animals are awake.

Step 5

If the moon is up, all animals take a nap.

Step 5-1

All has been done!

Make animal farm crafts for kids

Was this project fun?

Make animal farm crafts for children

And wait, guys!

Have you named your animal? If not, you should do it now.

Just give them funny names and enjoy your farm.

Make animal farm crafts for kids

See you soon with more fun crafts!

Make an animal farm craft idea

The project was contributed by Ema.

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