Peek a Boo Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft

We have an easy craft you can make with your kids for Easter. Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft is the perfect game for preschoolers and older children.

We are sure it will bring many smiles to their faces.

Rabbit in the carrot paper craft

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As Easter is approaching, we are very happy. We really enjoy making Easter crafts. They were so invigorating, bringing us so much joy.

You can learn How to Draw a Rabbit and incorporate your own bunny into this piece. Once you’re done making the carrots, you can enjoy our Easter Coloring Pages.

Rabbit in the carrot paper craft

Lately we’ve been playing with split pins.

Today we figured out how to use them in this craft – we hide the Easter bunny inside a carrot and when you open the carrot, the bunny pops out with a bunch of Easter eggs.

Do-it-yourself Easter bunny in carrot paper craft

It’s a lovely craft.

Bet you want to join us in making this project happen today, so grab your tools and get started!

How to make this bunny in carrot paper craft

What you need:

  • orange cover
  • light orange paper
  • green paper
  • split battery
  • glue
  • drag
  • round awl
  • The ruler is circular
  • pencil
  • White paper
  • light blue paper
  • washi tape
  • black marker
  • white marker or white gel pen or white pencil (optional, if you want to give the carrot a texture at the end)

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

A carrot

On orange cardstock, draw a carrot. We provide the dimensions so you can see how big it is.

Step 1

Cut out the carrots.

Step 2

Cut a circle on the carrot (the circle should be about 3 cm from the top of the carrot).

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Step 3

Draw a circle larger than the circle you punched. This larger one is 4.4 cm in diameter. We use a ruler with a circle to draw it.

Step 4

Cut out the circle.

Step 5Mechanism

This circle should be large enough to cover the carrot hole and have enough free space to push a sawn pin through its top.

Now push a split pin through the top of the circle and then through the carrot.

Step 6

Separate the two ends of the pin so the circle stays attached to the carrot.

Step 7-0

If you want to make another carrot that you see in the picture, divide it into two parts and push the split pin over one side of the carrot as shown.

That way it will open on the side.

Step 7Carrot leaves

Draw three carrot leaves on green paper.

Step 8

Cut them out.

Step 9

Arrange the leaves like we did in this picture and glue them together.

Step 10

Then stick the leaves on the carrot.

Step 11

The back of the carrot will look like this.

Step 12

Now draw a circle with a diameter of 4.4 cm on light orange paper.

Step 13

Cut it out.

Step 14

Apply a little glue to the back of the carrot, around the punched circle, but only on its top and edges.

Leave the bottom of the perforated circle hole free of glue.

Step 15

Attach the light orange circle.

Step 16

Did you notice the part without glue in this photo? Would you do the same?

Step 17

Okay, now both carrots will look like this.

Step 18Rabbit

Draw a bunny on light blue paper.

You’ll notice that we’ve also drawn a vertical stripe at the bottom of the bunny.

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This stripe will help connect the bunny to the carrot.

Step 19

Outline the bunny with a black marker.

Step 20

Cut it out.

Step 20-1

Draw two small bunny eyes and cut them out.

Step 21

Attach eyes to the bunny.

Step 22

Glue the bunny image inside the carrot.

Make sure you haven’t applied glue to the stripe. We’ll do that later.

Step 23

Take washi tape and cut a few small eggs.

Step 24

Glue the eggs inside the carrot, covering part of the bunny.

Step 25

Now apply some glue on the light green stripe and stick it to the carrot.

Step 26

If you want your carrots to look even better, you can add texture to it with a white marker, white gel pen or white pencil, or even a black marker.

Step 26-1

This step is optional; You can leave them whole like carrots if you decide.

Step 27

Now open your carrot.

Step 27-1


Eeaster bunny in carrot paper craft game

Happy Easter!

Paper bunny in carrot Easter craft

We hope you enjoy this profession.

Carrot and Rabbit Easter Paper Craft

It was so much fun for us and it’s definitely one of our favorites!

DIY paper rabbit in Easter crafts using carrots

Aren’t they cute?

DIY bunny in carrot paper craft game

Have fun crafting!

Paper craft ideas of bunny in carrot

Get your Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft template here

Rabbit in the carrot paper craft

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