Santa Spinner Christmas Craft

Make our Santa Spinner Christmas Craft, which is one of the easiest paper toys for kids to make.

All that’s needed is a sheet of cardstock to print our template on, a pair of scissors and a dividing pin – and you’re ready to go.

Santa Spinner Christmas Crafts for Kids

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We love playable crafts and this interactive Santa Spinner Christmas Craft is here to entertain. Assemble the model and watch Santa fly across the roof multiple times as you spin the spinner.

This is a great craft activity on Christmas Eve, when everyone eagerly awaits Santa’s visit.

How to make Santa Spinner Christmas crafts

What you need:

  • Our Santa craft template
  • sheet of white cardstock (or use plain paper and laminate it)
  • paper pins/tie (you can buy them at stationery stores, craft stores…
  • coloring material if printing black and white version
  • drag

Step-by-step instructions

Print to sheet of paper – black and white sample or full color sample. We recommend printing the template on heavier stock/cardboard or hand-laminated paper.

If you or your child decides to choose a black and white model, the first step is to color the roof and the images inside the circle.

Once you’re happy with your color, use scissors to cut along the dotted line.

It’s time to make the craft come full circle :).

Punch a hole in the center of the circle – a skewer, pin or even a pencil will work. For young children, adults should do this step.

Punch another hole through the small circle located on the chimney.

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Push the split pin through both holes and secure the split pin.

Manually rotate it a few times to “loosen it up a bit” and it is ready to play.

Santa Spinner Christmas Crafts

Spin and watch Santa fly in the sky.

Christmas paper craft Santa Spinner

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