How to Paint a Snowman

We’re back with another acrylic painting tutorial for beginners – this time we’ll show you how to paint a snowman.

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step painting tutorial will teach you how to draw an awesome and festive painting quickly.How to Paint Snowman Canvas Art Ideas for Kids - Acrylic Painting for Beginners

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Canvas painting is a very popular pastime around the holidays, and snowmen are easily one of the most popular things painted.

They’re festive, friendly, colorful and easy to draw, and everyone can make their own version since no two are really the same anyway.

This canvas is designed to be quite simple to paint with the scarf added so you can easily customize and add a personal touch by choosing your own color combination.

I’ll walk you through from start to finish, and you can change any details about your own snowman that you might want to do differently.

How to draw a snowman for children

The last added buttons are just to change the standard drawing project but they could just as easily be left out.

You can also do things with your friends and make it a fun party!

How to draw a snowman

What you need:

  • Canvas painting 16″ x 20″
  • pencil and eraser
  • Large sheet to outline the circle for the head – about 10 to 12” is good
  • acrylic paint in your choice of color – I used white, black, dark grey, orange, dark teal and red
  • palette or paper plate and brushes ranging in size from small for creating details to about 1 inch in size
  • paper towels and disposable tablecloths or wipes
  • easel if desired
  • glass of water
  • hot glue gun and various sizes and shades of white/light blue buttons


Instructions step by step

You want to start by sketching the snowman’s shape, starting with his head.

I use a clear glass plate because it’s easier to see where you’re scanning, but any large round plate will do.

Place the plate on the far left side of the canvas, just above the bottom, and let the edge hang out a bit.

Plate for sketching

Then trace the circle.

Next, sketch the top part of the circle to make the brim of the hat, then add the hat band and sketch a line from there to the top of the canvas to make the top of the hat.

Step 1

The hat should also overlap and run off the canvas to the side and off the top.

You can then erase the overlapping line where the hat meets the head if it helps you stay on track for where to draw later.

Now, draw the details of the scarf and the face.

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You can use a ruler on the carrot if you want it straight, but carrots usually aren’t very straight so don’t stress too much on that part.

Step 3

The scarf should be long along the lower part of his face and it should overlap his chin area, then look like it’s flapping in the wind and going back and forth along the opposite side of the canvas.

Step 2

You can choose to paint it in stripes or paint it a solid color and add a pattern.

There are so many options with scarves and that’s where your personality comes from, so choose a color that you love.

The face must have cute eyes, I like to draw my face like an upside down comma, but a circle is fine too.

If you plan to do the entire painting in one go or with a group you will want to have your glue gun ready and place the buttons, although this is the last step it will come quickly and as everyone draws at different speeds so it You should remember to insert the glue gun when you get close to where the scarf is filled and you are adding the final details so it warms up.

Set up a station for that if you have room for it.

Now to start drawing!

First, use a thin round brush and draw an outline around the snowman using the background color.

Step 4

I always dip my brushes in water the first time I use them to loosen them and help the paint flow.

Blot excess water onto a paper towel and then dip in the background color.

Mine is black.

Draw around his hat, face, nose and scarf on both sides…

Step 5

…and make sure to extend those lines around all edges of the canvas.

Step 6

Then, use a larger brush and paint the entire background.

Step 7

Depending on the color you’ve chosen, you may need a second coat, but let the first coat dry a bit so you can see where you actually need to paint.

You may just need to fill in a few places.

Step 8

Next, repeat the sketching steps on the hat with the color of your choice and sketch around the hat band, for now leaving it white, then paint the top half and bottom brim of the hat.

Step 9

You can go back now and finish drawing the background.

Remember to check all the edges, and if you’re using an easel, you can turn it upside down for a few minutes to paint in if needed.

Let it dry for a few minutes. You should get up and give yourself a break anyway, so this is a good time for that.

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Select your buttons now if you want.

Large disc with buttons

Once the background is pretty dry, go ahead and paint his face white. It seems silly to paint it white when the canvas is white, but it gives the whole painting the same finish and helps disguise the pencil lines.

You can leave the carrot unpainted so that when painted, it has an even overall finish.

Paint right over the pencil lines you drew for the face, they will still show a little and if not, you can always redraw them, but I had no trouble seeing mine. It just needs a quick coat of paint.

While the white dries, paint the hat strip and then the carrot.

Your next step is to start the scarf.

Step 11

I recommend using one of the colors you plan to use on the scarf for continuity, but that’s completely your decision.

Painting the carrot first can cause the orange to blend with the white, I learned that the hard way so making the hat strip first helps.

Step 12

If you’re using the same color as the hat strip for a section, do it first since you’re already using that color, then replace with another color if you’re striping.

Step 13

If you’re painting a solid color, paint the entire thing, let it dry, then apply a second coat if needed and give it time to dry.

While the towel is drying between coats of paint, you can work on the siding.

Use a fairly small brush and outline the eye shape first, then fill it in with a slightly larger brush.

Step 14

This keeps you from getting larger than you intended with the size.

For the mouth, draw a thin line first, then redraw and thicken if you like. I also added small circles to each end of the smile.

Step 15

Continue working on your towel until you have a solid coat of paint.

Step 16

You don’t want any of the canvas to show through or strokes, so if you still have some left, keep working on it. Add any pattern you like if you’re painting a solid color.

Step 17

Now, let’s add the finishing touches. (This is a good time to plug in the glue gun if you haven’t done so already!) Taking a very thin brush, add some light outlines to the hat and scarf.

On the scarf, sketch the stripes or along the edges, but don’t make the lines completely seamless. It helps it look floating and moving.

Then add some lines of movement here and there and some lines that look like folds of fabric, small curves are best. With hats, the color will depend on the hat color. If your hat is black, use gray or white. If it’s gray, use black.

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Add some half-circles to the curve of the brim and the edge of the hat band to give it a rounded shape.

Step 18

Additionally, a few light lines along the top edge also help.

This makes the hat look less flattering in the picture.

Step 19

Also, add white accents to the eyes. Make a small half circle or dot in the same spot on each eye. This gives him life.

The last step in the painting is the sky. I added a few star sparkles and some dots to the background using a small brush…

Step 21

…and use the back of the brush handle to create dots.

Step 22

Then, to add the scattered stars, take one of the larger brushes and dip it in water. Then take a small amount of white paint and mix it evenly on the plate.

You need a thin layer of wet white, but not soaked.

Hold the brush on the canvas after laying it flat on the table and tap it lightly with another brush of the same size.

Step 23

Move across the canvas and keep moving until you get the amount of splash you want. The higher you hold the brush, the lighter and smaller the dots will be. If it’s not working, it’s probably too dry, and if it’s too much or too big, it’s probably too wet.

Once you have the money you want, you’re ready! You can sign the painting if you like and then let it dry for a few minutes.

The final step of the process is gluing the buttons. How much you use is up to you. I tried using various shades of white and a few sizes.

Place the buttons on first without any glue to get them just right as you may have to play around with them a bit first. Carefully add a drop of glue to the canvas where you want to place each button and gently press down.

Let the canvas sit for a minute and the glue will dry. After the glue dries, you can remove the glue string.

How to draw a Snowman on Canvas

Now you’re done!

Enjoy your snowman and have a wonderful holiday season!

Step 25

Step 24

How to draw snowman art

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