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With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to gather some turkey disguise ideas. We’re sharing lots of free printable camouflage turkey patterns with you and even more (a lot more) than these for you to explore.

Our fun patterns let you get creative as you can get the kids to disguise their turkey from scratch using our blank pattern, mixing and matching the disguise with the choice of hat, different outfits and accessories or create some of the most popular styles. characters using football players, astronauts, wizards, pirates and more.

Türkiye disguise printable templates

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What makes our printable turkey camouflage pattern really stand out is the “on and off” costume. Kids will get really excited about this because they can quickly swap between a normal looking turkey and a disguised turkey.

I'm not a turkey, I'm a witch - turkey project in disguise

In an instant, a turkey looks normal and with just a simple fold of paper, a disguised turkey appears! It’s fun.,

One of the most important parts of the turkey disguise project are the writing exercises that come with it. Costume design is pure fun, but an added element of learning makes all the difference. This is why we have also added simple writing papers that can be added to disguise the turkey craft. Perfect for a wall display or bulletin board.

If you’re planning on doing this in the classroom, we also recommend picking up some of our turkey coloring pages or checking out how to draw a turkey to have something on hand for students completing the task. early service.

How to Use a Türkiye Printable Pattern in Camouflage

We’re sharing a series of documents with you as free printables (you can get them at the end of the guide). We also have many other designs available to our members as well as at our TpT store.

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What you need:

  • any of our templates (3 versions available; each can be made in different ways)
  • paper – cardboard is great, regular printer paper also works
  • color supplies
  • scissors, glue

Version 1 – Step-by-step instructions for pre-made characters

Turkish disguised player

The first version includes pre-generated characters. Make a pirate turkey, football player, farmer, wizard or even an astronaut turkey disguise.

We will quickly show you how to disguise a football player’s turkey. Print out the sheet of paper with the football player’s parts and color them.

Cut them out.

Sample the turkey. You can have kids color the whole thing (like a regular turkey) or have them place the parts on the template and see what needs to be colored.

In the case of the football player, it is enough to color the tail.

Cut out the turkey and glue it onto the camouflage layer. You can complete things here or take them to the next level.

You will need the I am not a turkey “I am not a turkey, I am…” paper.

Have the kids color it, this time we’re aiming for a natural looking turkey.

Fold along the dotted line.

Apply glue to the folded part, right around the area below the turkey’s belly.

Stick to the football player (or any other turkey in disguise).

Pretty cool, right?

You can also glue a handy sheet of writing paper to the back of this craft like we did for the disguised astronaut turkey.

I’m not a turkey, I’m an astronaut!

Türkiye prints pictures of astronauts in disguise

Version 2 – Step-by-Step Mixing and Matching Printable Guide

The next one is mix and match prints. This one is perfect to make in the classroom or with larger groups because kids can swap out different accessories as they disguise their turkeys.

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There are many possibilities; These are just a few of the characters your child can create. Their characters can be completely random or they can create fun combinations like divers, clowns, vikings, turkeys in disguise, ballerinas, clowns…

Disguise a Türkiye Ideas for November Crafts

With a little imagination, kids can also use mixed prints and add their own drawings to create their favorite fictional characters (like the turkey in disguise inspired by This Harry Potter)

Printable turkey disguised as Harry Potter template

Let your child color in the mix and match sheets.

Also, prepare a sample of a regular-looking turkey. Have children color and cut out.

Now start decorating your turkey craft.

Children can use random elements or have the end result in mind. We’re making a clown turkey. First, we add the wig.

Then there are the glasses with the big clown nose.

A funny hat and a colorful dress.

Another big pair of shoes. We also added a tie and button to make this turkey clown look even cooler.

Version 3 – Design your own Türkiye in camouflage Printable

While we think our pre-made turkey printables are really fun, we love it when kids get really creative. This is why we also have a rooster turkey pattern that really helps your child’s creativity shine.

Let the kids design their camouflage from scratch. Successfully disguising a turkey is one of the simplest ideas your child can make.

Color the design and cut out the turkey outline.

Now, let’s make this even more interesting. Remember to print the turkey template with the small rectangle on top.

Have your child color it and cut it out.

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Fold along the dotted line on the rectangle and apply glue.

Stick the camouflage turkey on top of the regular turkey.

And that’s it! This printable template allows your child to create any character they want.

Disguise turkey spiderman idea

What will your child do?

Printable turkey template disguised as a fancy lady

The sky is the limit! They can be doctors and nurses…

Printable turkey disguised as viking warrior template

Knights, princesses and kings…

Printable turkey template disguised as a man wearing a hat and coat

Explorers, rock stars…

Printable turkey disguised as a diver template

Beautiful dancers and fairies…

Printable turkey disguised as a ballerina template

Entertainers and all kinds of silly characters.

Printable turkey disguised as a clown template

And roar at fictional characters in their favorite bedtime stories.

Printable turkey disguised as Harry Potter template

The sky is the limit.

Turkish choice in camouflage idea

Get more outfits

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